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Fowl Quality

Sugar feather Farm has sought after stock from what we can tell are reputable breeders. We put all birds through rigorous farm standards to test out their environment, health, and genetics. With that this takes years of work. We do our best to seek the highest quality but many times we find this is not the case and must start over. Raising these breeds are challenging – why they are rare!

You should never expect a cosmetically perfect bird. In fact, you should expect to find some defects in virtually every bird you raise, out of 100 chicks for example only a few will be breeding quality. Just as every child is not destined to become a supermodel, every bird is not destined to win ribbons at shows or be suitable for breeding. Only a tiny fraction of fowl conforms to their breed standard in all respects. We do not represent that every bird we sell is show quality or is flawless. You should receive birds that can be the foundation for a breeding program that with enough time and skill can produce show-quality or breeding quality birds, if that is what you are seeking.

If you want to know any issues or faults with the individual breeds and plan on breeding or showing reach out to us and we can provide some of those details and suggestions. Sugar Feather Farm is not responsible for your program and what happens.

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Silver Appleyard Duckling
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