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Farm Pickups and Visits

We require appointments for all fowl pickups. Please don’t just show up, we might not be able to accommodate you. For Biosecurity there will be no visitors allowed on the farm premises where the birds are fenced or breeding, NO EXCEPTIONS EVER. We have signage indicating this and fencing, please don’t go past this area. It is for the birds and your safety. However, you are welcome to look around at all the birds outside through our fencing prior to selection, it is quite a site to see! Selecting farm pickup at checkout is free of charge. DUE TO COVID-19 and Avian Influenza our pickups are a lot stricter, please see our blog article on this.

UPDATE: 2-2022 There will be no farm tours at this time due to the Avian Influenza Outbreak. When you come for pickup we ask you park at the lower end of drive don’t wear any shoes you wear on your farm or homestead that deals with poultry or waterfowl.

For full page policy, see here.

The policy shown here is a section of our policy page shown above, any difference between this section and the policy nullifies this section.

We offer shipping to all US States and Farm Pickup! Spring 2023 Ordering Open!


McMurray Hatchery Visitors

Silver Appleyard Duckling
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