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Farm Pickup

The time has come! Your Sugar Feather Farm order is ready. You selected for local pickup, which means you will come here to the farm to get your new additions or products. Congratulations!

We ask you review our Covid and Farm rules here so you can have a great experience.

Please make sure to bring something to transport your fowl in – they will need a nice warm environment like a dog crate, tote or a box with some shavings. If picking up different ages we recommend bringing 2 different totes.

If picking up eggs, we will provide the cartons, just make sure to have that incubator ready to go with proper humidity and temperature.

To Schedule an Appointment:

Please go here to make an appointment for pickup. We will respond back with either a approve or reject. If we reject, we will reach out, to find a time that works for both of us.

Reminder to check out our  care guides.



McMurray Hatchery Visitors

Silver Appleyard Duckling
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