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Explaining Deposits

We wanted to reach out and provide some clarity on the deposit system. We thank you for using our family farm.

What’s the deposit system?

This is a payment method you select if you are pre-ordering your fowl or products for the next season or want to break down your payments into smaller chunks. The deposit system allows %50 payment of our fowl or products. Here is an example:

Ayam Cemani Fully Feathered $75.00. Payment for half of the price or deposit would be $37.50


A breakdown of the deposit after paying the first deposit:

Example order xxxx
1 Ayami Cemani Fully Feathered (summer deposit) $37.50
Local pickup $0
Total is $37.50
Deposit left is $37.50
Real total before June 3 is $75


-After paying, you will receive a receipt of the transaction via email.
-reminders and invoices prior to due date for that deposit choice you selected, even if you have already paid. For summer, it will be June 3



-any balance left will generate emails so you will receive xx of emails titled . In this case, 1 invoice
-you can see payments balance in dashboard under your account you created. You will need to go to My Account



-Go to
-pay deposits right here


-if one order has one deposit item, there will be two orders in dashboard
-if one order has 5 deposit items, you will have 6 orders. Remember, the main order will be the actual order and all the deposits will be separate orders so you know the breakdown.
-this is because the main order and one order per deposit item, hence you will receive an email for each item and a reminder. The system is trying to help you.

How to verify if you paid (different methods)

1)If you paid only once or have one transaction, then your still owe on the deposit.

2)Look at the dashboard to see first orders, any orders not paid means it’s not paid

3)Look at your payment method (PayPal, Square, Quadpay or Stripe) to see if everything adds up.

Using last example total with deposit paid will be $75.00 not $37.50


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