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Do you sex your birds? Can you tell me if they are male or female?

A. Most of the breeds we work with are sold “straight run” which means we cannot guarantee that you will be receiving females. If we do have specific breeds of chicks that we can guarantee to be female, those breeds will be clearly listed on the website (Bielfelder and Cream Legbar). You can also purchase fully feathered birds where you can select for a female with a $5.00 sexing fee agreement. Sexing is never 100% guaranteed. For fully feathered SILKIES are not sexed. AYAM CEMANI is sexed but see the Ayam Cemani information for details.

When purchasing straight run chicks you have a 50/50 chance of receiving males. If you order a straight run breed (like Swedish Flowers) it is good to order twice the amount of chicks as you would like to have hens of. For example, if you want four hens, order 8 chicks and chances are you will receive the number of hens you are after! 


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