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Do you guarantee live arrivals for birds bought from you?

No we don’t – here is why and our recommendations

We wish we could offer live guarantee. Dealing with the USPS since Covid-19 has been rough. they no longer offer Priority Express overnight so the service is now 1-3 day service. Here at the farm we want the birds to get to you alive and well. We do everything we can to equip them with the journey. Special boxes for live birds, plenty of bedding, food/water and heat if needed. we even spray our birds with an herbal stress reliever.

We have some tips to help. Call your local post office and let them know you have a shipment of live animals coming, give day of the week, date and tracking information. Make sure you are around for when the phone call happens so you can pick them up right away and get fresh air to them and some fresh water. During the process of your order being fulfilled we send out emails explaining all this and more to guide you. 

If something does occur, you can file a claim with usps. There is no guarantee anything will become of it, but we can try. If the live birds do show up not alive, we MAY be able to issue you a store credit or re-ship those birds, you will have to pay the shipping cost for any re-shipments. Because we deal with rare breeds many of the times, we don’t have extra stock or can send out a replacement unfortunately. 


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Silver Appleyard Duckling
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