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Thank you for shopping with us and hope it was a pleasurable experience. We are a small-scale family farm that cares about our customers, the experience and our fowl. We do our best to make sure all are happy and hope this was accomplished!

By now you should have scheduled and been here for pick-up!  We really enjoy meeting people and seeing the smiling faces here on the farm.  The previous email should have had tips and tricks for success. and news that we carry feed here for your feathered friends. You can come grab some anytime. Available in bulk 5lb increments or 50 lb. bags.

We would love to keep in touch and know the progress. Please post photos and status on our Facebook Page or on Instagram you can hashtag #Sugarfeatherfarm in your post or story. It is our most favorite part!

Also we cant survive without positive reviews if you can leave one here we would greatly appreciate it!

For The Long Haul!

You are family, we are here for any questions or concerns. Any question goes, if we don’t know the answer we can find out. We also have a FAQ that could help.

Top Experts and Nutritionists

Coming soon, we will have available, consultations with World Renowned Peter Brown the Chicken Doctor also the Owner of First State Vet Supply. He will be available for you, our customers for any health and care related needs that go beyond our expertise. You can read all about him here. We are blessed to have him as part of our Sugar Feather Farm Family. He has been caring for chickens for over 50 years, holding a AAS in poultry science.

We also work closely with top Nutritionists at Fertrell Co. They custom make some of our vitamin formulas, our feed and we use many of their products on the farm. We can reach out to them anytime with nutrition related questions. We have a great blog article here on grit.

Again, thank you and we look forward to seeing you again!


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Silver Appleyard Duckling
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