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Cancel Request

*If you cancelled an order that was only a deposit, you must cancel the larger order with the other products to cancel an order correctly
*You might also get a second canceled email, its temporary for customers who don’t have account. Ignore one and reply to one


We received your cancel order as requested.

As mentioned in our policies, you can decide on how to get your refund. All shipping charges are refunded back to original payment methods.



A. You can decide to decide to get your money back to original payment with a 30% stocking fee.

B. All money issued as a store credit, which can be used on any of our products, services or even as a gift.

Did You Select the Deposit Option ?

If any deposits were selected in the order, you accepted to forfeit your deposit on cancellation of your order.


See example below:

$100 of orders

$25 shipping

If option A is selected:

you will get $95 out of $125  ($100 Orders-%30 Stocking Fee=$70 + $25 Shipping= $95)

If option B is selected:

$100 is turned to store credit with $25 given back to you


If did the deposit option with a deposit of $25:

Option A= You get $77.50 back ($100 Orders-25 Deposit=$75-30% Stocking Fee=$52.5 + $25 Shipping= $77.50)

Option B=$100 Store Credit ($100 Orders-$25 Deposit=$75+$25 Shipping=$100)

Please reply back to this with your response for Option A or B and order number(s)
See our cancelation policy


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