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There is generally no minimum for shipping and local pick up, however we recommend at least 3. 5–20-day olds are shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express and delivered to your post office, normally 1 to 3 days after they leave us. As part of the cost of shipping we include the extra insurance on the babies. This insurance covers any issues in transit, and special handing. All babies are sold straight run unless otherwise noted. We ship babies early in the week, and please be prepared to pick up babies promptly from the post office when they arrive. They are not delivered to your home. We do a minimum for the safety of the babies, less and they are not warm enough and issues can arise. If you want less, we can accommodate but you will need to understand the risks associated with that. When shipping we do our best to equip the babies with all they need for safe travels – food, veggies/fruit/eggs a gel that is like water and food for them, heat packs if needed and a nice floor pad. This is all included in the shipping price.

Sugar Feather Farm believes in giving you the strongest babies so they can have a good start to their new life. We don’t ship or offer newborn babies of any breeds here on the farm, chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea, geese and quail. We keep them an extra week or two so they can transition well to their new home. If you would rather have newborns, like day old’s, please let us know and we can accommodate this request.

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