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Ayam Cemani

Our Ayam Cemani breeding stock were selected from pure Ayam Cemani chickens for their black features and type. We follow the proposed standard of perfection and members of the Ayam Cemani Breeders Association.  However, not all Ayam Cemani offspring grow up to be solid black, even with solid black looking parents. They have a special pigmentation called fibromelanosis. We cannot guarantee the distribution of black pigment in the offspring you receive, because the offspring might not carry the double gene for the fibro. These are project birds, which means there is no approved APA standard of perfection. We are constantly working on our breeding program here and each generation brings us closer to this standard. Our birds are very popular, so stock does fluctuate. Be prepared to wait for your bird, they are generally backordered. We will do our best to fill in a timely manner. For returns or refunds on Cemani – there are never returns for any chickens due to biosecurity and NO refunds on Cemani (sexing fee clause does not apply).

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