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Sugar Feather Fully Feathered

Learn More about Our Fully Feathered!

Sugar Feather Farm carries fully feathered birds. These are birds that are not adults or babies but old enough to be feathered out and coop ready! Imagine we do all the hard work of raising the birds in that difficult baby stage for you. In addition, many of the breeds can be sexed male or female. For chickens Sugar Feather Farm offers roughly 3-4 month old birds. for Quail they are roughly 4 weeks, guinea and turkeys 2 months, ducks 2 months. Some of these birds are only available certain times of the year so please check under the specific product. Ordering is easy for this age. Go to each product select fully feathered under that choice the price will be listed and season to order (Spring, Summer, Fall). Then below you can select male or female. There is no order minimum and birds can be shipped or picked up directly at the farm.

Icelandic fully feathered

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Introducing Feather Points

Sugar Feather Farm is proud to present feather points to all of our customers who buy from us!

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Silver Appleyard Duckling
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