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Sugar Feather Farming Services

olive egger Hen

Sugar Feather Farm Services is dedicated to saving and sustaining rare and heritage breeds. Our farming practices are wholistic and focus on the health and wellness of the animals. We love to help and educate our customers on the best ways to care for their animals.

Sugar Feather Farming Services


Are you tired of making multiple trips to the store? Do you live close to Vermont? If you answered yes to both, then Appointments is you! Our Appointment page allows you to make appointments to pick up your purchase. This is a great way to save time and money from shipping!

fowl Guru and Sanjak Longcrower Rooster

Consultations With The Fowl Guru

If you’re looking for some personalized advice, our Consultations with The Fowl Gu service is perfect for you! You can have a one-on-one chat with our own fowl guru to get all the help you need.

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Session With The Chicken Doctor

If you’re looking for some help with your chickens, look no further than Session with The Chicken Doctor. You’ll get a consultation with expert Peter Brown, who will help you with whatever chicken-related problems you may have. Whether it’s health concerns, behavioral issues, or just general care, the Chicken Doctor will have you covered.

Chicken Doctor Peter Brown

Sugar Feather Farming Services


McMurray Hatchery Visitors

Silver Appleyard Duckling
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