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Hatching Egg Care Page – Shipped Eggs

    1. Unpacking the eggs – carefully unpack the eggs remove all wrapping. If there are cracked or broken eggs, discard. No matter how good we pack this could happen unfortunately.
    2. Put them big end up and pointy egg down in an egg carton and let them rest for 12-24 hrs. This is for several reasons. They need to temperature acclimate. We recommend storing them in a 60-65 degree area. The air sac can detach when shipped.
    3. We also suggest after that resting time to put them in the incubator and not turn for a day (24hrs).
    4. We don’t recommend candling the eggs till day 7-8. The first week is critical for development and candling can compromise growth and development.
    5. See the PDF version of this with more information and printable.

Egg Care Info Guide 1


Egg Care Info Guide 2



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