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Sugar Feather Farm offers Educational Presentations and programs for folks looking to learn more about all the wonderful attributes to our line up of our rare and exotic breeds. from the smallest quail in the world to the second largest bird in the world, we have you covered. these educational programs can be done in person or via video no matter where you are in the world! You will have access to the Fowl Guru, an expert in all things bird.

Our programs are customized to fit your needs based on age of students or audience. Perfect for homeschoolers, classrooms and families who would love to learn about the miracle of hatching, raising and information. We can offer the following information, hands on items and even a bird or 2 for show and tell of the following breeds:


Ducks and Geese

Heritage Turkeys


Coturnix Quail and Button Quail

Guinea Fowl

What can be provided will depend on what program you select.

In-person Presentations:

$50hr for presentation and mileage/gas coverage. Eggs will be very affordable for classrooms if we are able to at a very reduced rate.

Pricing for supplies, if needed will be determined on an individual basis.

Hatching eggs, and equipment can be purchased and/or rented. Any birds born can be kept or returned to our farm.

Services can include the rental an incubator, hatching instructions and real-time support throughout the hatch, a light for checking egg development (or “candling”), seven fertilized chicken or duck eggs, and a brooder box and all supplies needed to admire your hatchlings until returned to us a week after hatching! Let us help you time your hatches for the perfect birthday, anniversary, or Easter experience.


McMurray Hatchery Visitors

Silver Appleyard Duckling
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