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Preserving and sustaining rare, unique and endangered breeds

Sugar Feather Farm's mission is to show you how to implement these amazing breeds into your everyday life and preserve them for years to come.

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  • meat chickens

    Heritage Meat Birds

    Have you always wanted to raise chickens for meat but was afraid to try? Why not give non-conventional chickens a go! Many of our breeds here at the farm are dual purpose, which means -for meat and eggs! These chickens were in the past used regularly for meat in their native environments. Through industrialization and this get things quick era, these breeds have gone on the wayside. They may take a little longer to raise but the meat will be tastier, and an overall healthier bird that you know was raised with respect and gratitude. These birds can be added to your existing order or ordered by themselves. We have 3 size choices:

    Chicks, Fully Feathered, adult (adult please inquire, limited)

    From: $5.00 1
  • Sale! duck and chicks

    Starter Package

    Want to start your fowl keeping journey? Have you always wanted to have your own delicious farm fresh eggs? Check out this assortment!

    From: $180.00$162.00 1
  • Sale! chick

    Farmer’s Choice

    Chicks chicks chicks oh my!

    From: $240.00$228.00 1

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Hatching Eggs
Fully Feathered

Super knowledgeable! Beautiful rare breeds! We’ll certainly be back


Nicole was very knowledgeable about her chickens and they all seemed to be loved and well taken care of. Thanks Nicole!


Unique birds, well cared for and loved!


See how we are different!

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