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Preserving and sustaining rare, unique and endangered breeds

Sugar Feather Farm's mission is to show you how to implement these amazing breeds into your everyday life and preserve them for years to come

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Our Featured Fowl

  • tolbunt Polish

    Tolbunt Polish Chicken

    Country of Origin: Europe

    Primary Use: ornamental

    ​Bird Size: 3-6lbs

    Egg Production: medium

    Egg Size: medium

    Egg Color: white

    Comb Type: very small horn, large crests

    ​Hardiness: slightly fragile both heat and cold tolerant with proper care

    ​Temperament: docile


    From: $9.00 1
  • Icelandic Hen

    Icelandic Chicken

    Country of Origin: Iceland

    Bird Size: 3-5.5

    Egg Production: great

    Egg Size: medium

    Egg Color: medium white

    Comb Type: all comb styles

    ​Hardiness: very hardy in all environments but extremely cold hardy

    ​Temperament: some are talkative and friendly, some flighty, prefer to free range

    Conservation Status: Threatened

    From: $7.00 1
  • Ayam Cemani Hen and chicks

    Ayam Cemani Chicken

    Country of Origin: Indonesia

    Primary Use: Dual Purpose

    ​Bird Size: 3-6.5

    Egg Production: Good

    Egg Size: Medium-Large

    Egg Color: Pinkish to Tan

    Comb Type: Single Comb

    ​Hardiness: does well in all temperatures

    ​Temperament: friendly like human interaction



    From: $8.00 1

Our Testimonials!

Super knowledgeable! Beautiful rare breeds! We’ll certainly be back


Nicole was very knowledgeable about her chickens and they all seemed to be loved and well taken care of. Thanks Nicole!


Unique birds, well cared for and loved!


See how we are different!

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